Meet S.A. Hussey: Yeah, That Hussey!

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Meet S.A. Hussey, author of the new novel Remembrance available soon at a bookstore near you.  Let’s see what we can learn about this new and upcoming author.

1.  Are you a fan of the genre that you write in?

Stephanie: My biggest issue I am a fan of many genres and I tend to incorporate them all when I write, so I never know what to call my book genre other than, “Stephy’s Supreme”.

2. Are you a pen and paper author or do you use a computer to write?

Stephanie: Both, but mostly the computer.  I keep pen and paper with me everywhere I go so in case something leaps out at me I can jot it down.  Other times I revert to pen and paper when writer’s block hits me.   I’ve also used a dictation machine and keep one in the car “just in case”.
3. If you couldn’t write what would you be doing instead?

Stephanie: My best guess…a singer or an artist.

4. What about this business surprised you the most?

Stephanie: How hard it can be to get a “good” crit.   Thankfully I have 2 people who are my “go to” people and I know they’ll give it to me straight.

5. Do you blog?

Stephanie: I have one and I do try but I changed over to WordPress and I am still learning the ins and outs of it.
6. Are you on social media? Do you enjoy it?

Stephanie: I am.  I tweet, have a facebook acct., etc. etc.   I still have an old Myspace acct. lol    I enjoy meeting up with new people but I find social media can be an energetical drain.  I feel like once I’m on-line I can’t get off and if you’re trying to write…well you need to uplug the internet connection.
7. The house is on fire, which do you save, your laptop or your book collection?

Stephanie: Since I am limited on space – my library is electronic I’d grab the laptop.  Though if I had the room and I had a library I would most definitely save the book collection.

8. The publishing industry is changing, do you think this is good or bad time for authors?

Stephanie: Everything is changing.  I would say it’s a little of both for authors.  Good in that anyone can self pub nowadays but the bad is at what cost?  You have to market and edit the story, something the industry used to do.

9. How do you promote your books?

Stephanie: My plan is to get myself into the local papers.  Most papers will post a blurb on locals.  I live near colleges so my plan was to make flyers and post them there and put under wipers at the local malls.  Also to hang some bigger flyers at high point traffic stops so people can see it.    It’s a plan.

10. Your editor says you have to kill a character, which one would get the ax?

Stephanie: In my current story, Remembrance, someone does get bumped off but if I had to kill off another person it would probably be Paige and by doing so would really change Ari.

Blurb for Remembrance: “Everybody has a past but not everyone has it return to torment them 600-years later bringing with it an enemy who plans to eliminate their future.”

Author Bio:

S.A. HusseyS. A. Hussey is a freelance writer, author, and published poet. She writes for Bluebird Reviews and Rock-it-Write both web-based music review sites and has had two poems published in anthology books. She takes part in on-line critique and writers groups. Her latest project is preparing her first novel, REMEMBRANCE, for self publication in January 2014. She continues to write and is working on another story entitled, ALL ACCESS.

Author Personal:

I live in a small coastal community just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and very close to the witch city of Salem. I have two amazingly beautiful daughters, and a 20-year-old Maine coon cat named Gidget who we believe gives rides to fairies in exchange for her long and leisurely life lounging on the back of my sofa. I am a full-time manager at a local hospital and when I’m not there I’m writing, reading or listening to music. I enjoy a good concert, and write reviews for my music website, Rock-it-Write, as well as do freelance reviews for an amazing fan-based music website, Blue Bird Reviews. I enjoy most genres of music but the blues and classic rock are favorites. Led Zeppelin stole my heart and makes my soul come alive.

Reading is another passion. I love escaping into new worlds every day. My favorite is, The Songmaster, by Orson Scott Card. There’s something in the way the worlds were weaved and how the characters were brought to life. When I first read it my 11 year-old mind was enthralled. I wanted to do that – I wanted to create and write, and I did for many years through poems and short stories, stopping only to raise my girls. Now I’m back, creating worlds and characters of my own and having a blast while doing it.


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