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Rachel RuebenRachel Rueben had no intention of becoming a writer, but after school and a “real job” she lost all hope in humanity and wrote a book.  Her first novel, “Hag” a YA romance, made it to #10 on the Amazon’s bestseller’s list in the summer of 2012.  Her next project includes a series of supernatural books called, “The Eternal Bond Series” due out sometime in 2016.

Rachel is a blogger, podcaster, and content contributor to several writing blogs.



Twitter: @RachelRueben

Facebook: AuthorRachelRueben


All 3 Books RR 2015

Amazon Page

Wattpad Account


Writing By the Seat of My Pants A place where I share my self-publishing experiences and also give useful tips and advice.

Cereal Authors A story blog that was created to help authors share their work and reach readers.


What’s Write For Me on BlogTalkRadio

Tea Time on BlogTalkRadio

Published Articles:

Writer’s Weekly: Before You Pay to Play: Ethical Book Promotion

Blog: Selling Your Licensing Rights: What Authors Should Know

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