How I Turned My Starter Novel Mess Into Success!

Starter Novel Mistakes
Embarrassed by your own work?
By Madeleine_Via Flickr

Last month while bracing for Hurricane Sandy, I came upon an early version of my vampire novel Eternal Bond.  Not only was I shocked by how old it was, but I was really shocked by how bad it was!  Eternal Bond was my starter novel which I abandoned in 2009.  What was so wrong with it you ask?  Well, everything!

  • I used first person, a difficult viewpoint for a rookie to write in.
  • There was no clear antagonist or protagonist.
  • It was set in the 21st century.
  • Too many flashbacks.

I got so lost, I abandoned the project.  It wasn’t until last year, that I picked it back up and literally started over.  Opening a new Word document I began from scratch and literally changed everything.

  • I Used third person.
  • Had a few villains and heroes.
  • I Placed the story in 16th century Europe.
  • I didn’t use hardly any flashbacks.

Here’s what I came up with: The new and improved Eternal Bond Chapter 1

Eternal Bond By Rachel Rueben
Coming this Dec.

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