Fedelta Parte 3: A Resurrection Of Sorts

Fedelta Part 3 -

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Fedeltà Parte 3

By Rachel Rueben

As Cassandra made her way to her seat in first class, she was stopped by a man towering in the aisle.  Flashing his badge he announced, “U.S. Sky Marshal,” while grabbing her free arm, “Ma’am, I’m afraid you’ll have to come with me” he said rather coldly. And just liked that, it was over.  She hadn’t even gotten out of New York.  Frozen, Cassie stood there in the aisle stunned they had found her so quickly.  Quietly, she made an about-face, not wanting to make a scene.  She would face her death with dignity, she owed her family that.

When they got to the terminal, she was taken to an empty V.I.P. lounge and cuffed to a chair.  It was clear, she was going to have to face the consequence of killing Armand.  Even in death he was throwing his weight around.  The memory…

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