Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes

First I owe a HUGE apology to Dellani Oakes for not posting this review months ago.  You see, I wrote the review and saved it in MS Word but never posted it online.  It only came to my attention when I went to Twitter and saw the words Book Review trending yesterday.  Wanting to participate, I went to Amazon but saw my review for Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes wasn’t there.  Thinking the Amazon police took it down, I went to Goodreads and nope, nothing there either.  That’s when I realized what I did or in this case, didn’t do.

By Jess via Flickr
By Jess via Flickr

I swear ever since I turned 35, it’s been all down hill memory wise.  Anyway, sorry Dellani and here’s your overdue review.

10888935_10152977143989795_4749217544005164543_nDellani Oakes is back with another romantic suspense and she brings it with Undiscovered. The story begins with a hot shot movie producer nearly gunned down on a Daytona beach in broad daylight. Despite the assassin’s attempt to stay concealed, he is spotted by a witness, Cadence Stuart. Fearing for his witness’s life, Detective Scott has to do what he can to keep her alive until the killer(s) can be found.

However things get complicated when he falls desperately in love/lust with Cadence. Things get even more sticky when his partner and ex, Vanessa Weinstein, is also assigned the case. As volatile as the situation seems, it’s the perfect solution, Vanessa, with the help of Scott’s friends, keep him in check while they all do their best to protect their only witness. As the killer closes in, secrets are revealed and the case is blown wide open when a photo reveals more about the identity of the perp.

Undiscovered is a romance novel filled with just the right amount of suspense, humor and strong characters for a discerning reader. Dellani Oakes does a magnificent job of taking us through a dangerous and often times thrilling, Daytona Beach. If you like your cops and robbers hot then this is the book for you!

Undiscovered is available now on: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

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Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! By Mo Willems

Dont Let The Pigeon Drive The BusWhat do you get when you add one bus and a very determined pigeon? You get Mo Willems’ Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!  An interactive children’s book that was awarded a Caldecott honor. In this story, readers will be asked to interact aloud and answer whether or not they think the pigeon ought to drive the bus.

Readers will have to endure the pigeon’s repeated attempts as he makes promises, begs and even pleads with the audience to just let him drive.

In this story, Mo Willems, has perfectly captured childish resolve through this strong willed and downright bratty bird.

This book is part of a series of books; Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late, The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, and The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog.  In addition to this series, author Mo Willems has a website: http://www.mowillems.com/ where children and adults can visit for games and activities.  You can even catch the pigeon Tweeting on Twitter (no pun, I swear!) at: @The_Pigeon.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the bus is a story for those 2 to 8 years of age.  This book easily makes the five star mark for its creativity and charismatic story telling.  ★★★★★

Boo’s Bad Day by Penny Lockwood: A Review

Boo's Bad Day by Penny Lockwood & Deborah C. JohnsonI’ll admit it, I’m an adult and I still read children’s books.  Sure, I pretend that I do so for research purposes, but it’s not true, not by a long shot!  Children’s books take me back to that simpler time before the world got complicated.  You know the time before we had bills, responsibilities, and worries.  I recently had the privilege to review Penny Lockwood’s newest children’s book, “Boo’s Bad Day” a story about taking on more than you can handle.

Boo is an adorable house kitten who’s never ventured outside before.  Even though Boo believes he’s ready to take on the world, he is forbidden to leave the house by his humans.  And with good reason, because the second he decides to disobey, he finds himself in big trouble.

Boo’s Bad Day is a great bed time story for parents to read to their little ones, and even for beginning readers.  The message within the book is timeless and realistic making it a perfect teaching tool about rules and their purpose in keeping children and “kittens” safe.  The illustrations by Deborah C. Johnson capture Boo’s personality as well as his misadventure perfectly.  I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars ★★★★★

Boo’s Bad Day is available at 4RV Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Summer of My German Solider By Bette Greene: A Review

Summer of My German Soldier By Bette Greene: A Review

Summer of My German Soldier is a YA story about Patty Bergen, a Jewish girl growing up in the south during World War II.  Patty, a strong willed girl was unfortunately born to a mother who seems neglectful, if not indifferent to her, and a father, who has a quick temper and abusive streak.  This awful parenting combination leaves a hole in Patty’s heart which leaves her so vulnerable that she craves to love, or be loved by anyone.  The only compassion she gets is from their cleaning lady Ruth, an African American woman who acts as a surrogate mother to her at times.

One day while working in her family’s store, she runs into a German POW named Anton, who seems to be on a field trip of some sort with the Sheriff and a few other inmates.  Anton, an educated man who knows English, chats up Patty and buys a pin from her which, he’ll ultimately use to escape.  One day while wondering by the railroad tracks, Patty encounters Anton trying to hop a train out of town.  She inadvertently foils the plot and he winds up stuck in Memphis. Feeling guilty, she hides him in the garage just a few feet from her house!

Say what you will about the plot, I ended up loving this book.  The author Bette Greene, was able to make her characters almost leap off the page.  The only problem is, the entire scenario of a Jewish girl helping a Nazi prisoner.  I’ll admit, it’s a tad out there, but if people can believe in teenage vampires attending high school then, this should be a breeze!

There is however a bit of realism in this book, as the author herself is Jewish and grew up in the south.  This is why I believe she managed to capture the attitude of that particular generation perfectly.  Her sprinkling of gentile southern colloquialisms and racial slurs bring the Jim Crow south to life.  The reader has to watch not only the internal threat to Patty, but the external one as well, as Patty’s mere existence is an offense to this very white Bible toting society.

I won’t spoil it but the ending leaves me unfulfilled because it never really addresses Patty’s fate clearly.  We’re left to wonder about a girl we’ve come to care about, but I guess that’s what serials are for.  Hint, hint!

I give Summer of My German Soldier 5 stars ★★★★★

Dulcet By Dellani Oakes: A Review

Dulcet By Dellani Oakes
Dulcet By Dellani Oakes

Recently, I tried to get back into romance novels and was disappointed by the same ol, tired stories.  But I met an interesting author by the name of Dellani Oakes, who has breathed new life into a very stuffy genre.  In her newest release, “Dulcet” Dellani brings us the story of Cooper, a newly born again Christian with a sexually torrid past.  Cooper, who is now comfortably at home in church finds himself in danger of backsliding when he meets Gloria, the church’s newest cantor.  Instantly attracted, he fears the ghosts of his past pulling him back to his old womanizing ways.

None of this goes unnoticed by several of his friends and church family who are concerned for Cooper as well as for Gloria’s innocence.   He is at odds with his old friend and spiritual mentor Barry– better known as Father Barry.  Cooper is feeling like he’s being judge by those around him and to be honest, he is.  What Cooper doesn’t know is that they only have his best interests at heart but it’s hard for him to see that because he’s still a wounded man.  His life took a tragic turn in college when his fiance was killed in a car accident.  This led to his inevitable drinking and womanizing.  But Cooper’s new found comfort in church changes, when he starts unofficially dating Gloria.

However, not everything is as it seems, as it’s not only Cooper with secrets and a past.  Gloria has a confession of her own and it will throw everyone for a loop!

Although a Christian themed romance novel, Dulcet is not your typical Christian book.  Don’t let that pretty cover fool you.  It does have strong language and adult themes in it.  The reason why I loved this romance novel is because the main character Cooper, although a new Christian, has issues, real ones.  Unlike your typical Christian romance where nothing happens and nobody says anything “unspiritual” this book has characters that are relatable and seriously flawed.  We all know a Cooper, or have one in our family.

Dulcet, I believe will having romance fans laughing, crying and wondering what the heck!?!  Dellani Oakes did a marvelous job with creating characters that are quirky and loveable.  Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and believe if you miss real romance novels, then you definitely need to give Dulcet a try.

I give Dulcet 5 stars ★★★★★