Boo’s Bad Day by Penny Lockwood: A Review

Boo's Bad Day by Penny Lockwood & Deborah C. JohnsonI’ll admit it, I’m an adult and I still read children’s books.  Sure, I pretend that I do so for research purposes, but it’s not true, not by a long shot!  Children’s books take me back to that simpler time before the world got complicated.  You know the time before we had bills, responsibilities, and worries.  I recently had the privilege to review Penny Lockwood’s newest children’s book, “Boo’s Bad Day” a story about taking on more than you can handle.

Boo is an adorable house kitten who’s never ventured outside before.  Even though Boo believes he’s ready to take on the world, he is forbidden to leave the house by his humans.  And with good reason, because the second he decides to disobey, he finds himself in big trouble.

Boo’s Bad Day is a great bed time story for parents to read to their little ones, and even for beginning readers.  The message within the book is timeless and realistic making it a perfect teaching tool about rules and their purpose in keeping children and “kittens” safe.  The illustrations by Deborah C. Johnson capture Boo’s personality as well as his misadventure perfectly.  I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars ★★★★★

Boo’s Bad Day is available at 4RV Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


3 thoughts on “Boo’s Bad Day by Penny Lockwood: A Review

  1. What a cute book. The illustrations are wonderful. I love children’s books too. I say it’s because I have a granddaughter and I like finding books for her. LIE! I like them for me too.


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