The New London Gazette: Wyverian Lord Thwarts Plot and Discovers Iceman!

The New London Gazette

Wyverian Lord Thwarts Political Plot and Discovers Iceman!

Thornton LarsonI was recently allowed to accompany Charles Latimer, the amazingly wealthy Hotelier on his quest half way across the globe to visit with the wild men of the far north. I am not yet at liberty to express the purpose of Mr. Latimer’s business there, but I can share an interview I was allowed with one of the honored Northern Lords about the mysterious whispers afoot in their country.

TL: Who and what are you?

IY: I’m Idris Price Yates, a Hunter and Lord of the Wyveria.

TL: Can you explain what that means exactly?

IY: The Wyveria are the people who live far to the north and Wyveria is also the name of our land. I come from a small village called Drysor Y Ddraig, it means Dragon’s Treasure. It is the King’s village and all the noble houses are in that village. I was noble born and have earned a place amongst the Hunters of our people due to my power, my ability to affect the elements, speak to wee creatures and slip my form from man to Dragon.

TL: That’s amazing, is your nation a large one?

IY: No. We are perhaps 10,000 in number and not many can change their form. That is why it is so greatly prized.

TL: I see… and you are one of those that can. I’ll have to take you at your word on that.

IY: You should, yes.

Is it true you found a man buried in the ice from before the great cataclysm? What was that like?

IY: Yes. We’d gone out hunting a bear that was ravaging the village. We tracked it near the ice caves. When we went into the caves to see if it was home, we found a large block of ice that had floated in and gotten stuck by way of an underground stream fed by the nearby river. Inside the ice was a man. We thought him dead at first, but then I sensed something, his magic. So we built a fire to thaw him. What was it like? It was odd and fascinating. He is an interesting man, an educated one and full of tales of the world before the great cataclysm. You should hear them.

TL: Perhaps one day I will; I would be most interested. I’ve heard that there was some excitement in your village recently; can you tell me about that?

IY: I cannot say much at this time…we are still looking into the details. However, our King Trevor Crewe was murdered. I have been tasked to find his killer.

TL: How do you feel about being put in the position you’re in?

IY: How do I feel? I am grieved at the loss of a man who was like unto a second father to me. Who saw to me and mine when my father was ripped from us without warning. Now he has been ripped from his family and I will see this wrong addressed.

TL: If you succeed, might you be rewarded by a position of honor?

IY: I already hold a position of honor amongst my people. If you speak of taking Trevor’s place? That is not how such things are determined.

TL: I see, well I thank you Lord Yates for your time and sincere words.

IY: You are most welcome to them.

I could not draw more out of Lord Yates, but is this not enough to whet the appetite of our readers? Should we not all seek to learn more of the men of the north, who claim the ability to slip their skins and become dragons?

Thornton Larson

3rd May, 7013

In the Wyverian Wilds by Crimson Kildare and Kat Marlow

This was a character interview for the book: In The Wyverian Wilds by Crimson Kildare and Kat Marlow available soon.


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