Picking the Brains of Crimson Kildare and Kat Marlow

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Beep, beep, we’re on to the next stop and today we’re picking up Crimson Kildare and Kat Marlow; authors, co-conspirators and friends.

1. Are you a fan of the genre that you write in?

Crimson: Absolutely!

Kat: I’m more of a sci-fi than a fantasy fan, but the answer would be yes.


2. Are you a pen and paper author or do you use a computer to write?

Crimson: Computer!

Kat: Some of both. I usually write long-hand, but editing can be really hard that way. I’ve KMfound it much easier to write on the computer.

3. If you couldn’t write what would you be doing instead?

Crimson: If I weren’t writing it would mean I was still acting, so that’s what I’d be doing.

Kat: Probably be stuck in a retail or admin job while taking college courses. I might still take a college course or two in the future. You’re never too old to be educated!

4. What about this business surprised you the most?

Crimson: Well I’m still learning this business, but I think just the amount of work it is off the page.

Kat: Yeah, I would also say the amount of work. I really respect the working authors out there, because I’ve realized how truly dedicated to their craft they are!

5. Do you blog?

Together: We do. www.thrutheglass.net Please come over and check it out! (grins)

6. Are you on social media? Do you enjoy it?

Crimson: Yes I am and for the most part I do. I especially love twitter. @cassygirlyeah
Kat: Yes I am, and I also enjoy it for the most part. Twitter’s really fun, and my handle there is @jedikat71 (it’s not under my pen name, just so you know).

7. The house is on fire, which do you save, your laptop or your book collection?

Crimson: As much as it pains me to say it, my laptop. My laptop has all my unfinished work on it, that material is irreplaceable. On the other hand if my books burn I can get new ones.

8. The publishing industry is changing, do you think this is good or bad time for authors?

Crimson: I think it can be a good and a bad time for authors, depending on a number of different factors, not the least of which is sheer dumb luck. However we do have an exciting new opportunity here to help shape the way the world will view writing, writers and the publishing world as a whole and how that will all work in the future. That’s worth some hassle, struggle and patience.

Kat: It’s good for authors since more and more of them are self-publishing. I’m more worriedCMK about the industry itself, because they seem to be more focused on selling books than on promoting well-written material. Having authors go from writing fanfic to publishing bestsellers has been a double-edged sword. Although it gives more opportunities to such authors, I fear that what’s been selling well doesn’t represent the really great writers that are out there. I hope the next bestseller to evolve from a fan-fic will be a well-written one, and then people will begin to realize that not all fan-fic writers are a bunch of hacks and internet trolls.

Crimson: I couldn’t agree more!

9.     How do you promote your books?

Crimson: Through twitter, FB, Live Journal, Dreamwidth and word of mouth at the moment; as well as cooperation with other writers, such as with this blog hop.

Kat: We’re also posting our current book chapter-by-chapter on www.thrutheglass.net

10.Your editor says you have to kill a character, which one would get the ax?

Crimson: If we’re talking about having too many minor, background characters? I’d pick the one that was needed the least and reassign whatever little thing they did to another character. If, on the other hand we’re talking about one of the main characters? I’d ax the editor and get another. Although at the moment I am our editor.

Kat: Yeah, what she said! (laughs)

Wyveria Cover 1

Author Bios

Crimson M. Kildare and Kat Marlow are good friends who decided to take their friendship and their creative camaraderie and turn it into a fabulous writing partnership.

Kat lives in a beautiful little town in one of those picturesque American coastal states. She is a lover of films, t.v., books, music and comedy as well as football and baseball. She especially loves sci-fi and like so many of us has a special place in her heart for Star Wars and Star Trek. She is a proud geek and collector of sci-fi toys and memorabilia. Her professional dreams, aside from the success of her books is to get a job writing in Hollywood for, tv., films or comic books! She has a truly stellar personality, warm, funny, kind hearted and honest. She’s the best friend you could hope for and a great partner.

Crimson lives in one of those picturesque Midwestern American states in the suburb of a large city. Like Kat she’s over 21 and ready to meet life head on.  She lives with her family, sans pets due to the terror of allergies. She’s also a lover of books, films, t.v., music, art and especially sci-fi fantasy, adventure and romance. Her first favorite book was Alice in Wonderland, her first favorite film was The Wizard of Oz, her first favorite song was Afternoon Delight by  Starland Vocal Band and her current favorite is In The Mood as made famous by Glen Miller, although she also favors versions done by the Puppini Sisters and Brian Setzer and his Orchestra.

These women are eclectic and unpredictable and full of excitement for their future.

Crimson Kildare and Kat Marlow can be found on http://www.thrutheglass.net where their book in The Wyverian Wilds is being shared with the world.  To get a glimpse of their work, check a character interview they shared here on Derailed Thoughts called, “The New London Gazette: Wyverian Lord Thwarts Plot and Discovers Iceman!


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